Welcome to the Masters Boxing Division website. This website was built to help both the Master Boxer and those that want to become master boxers have a reliable source of information. This includes the rules for the masters division, what is needed to compete, how to register with USA Boxing and Events that master boxers can compete in. We hope that the website is useful to you and will continue to visit as new information is posted often.

Some of the features include a link to the Profiles page. First if you would like to submit your profile just click on the Profiles link, answer the questions, attach a photo and hit send. Your profile will be posted with in 24 hours. To view profiles, hover over the profiles link and a drop down menu will appear and click the age group you'd like to view. If you have any questions contact me at

The NEWS link contains information on rules, passbook and what's needed to compete. Also find all the latest news for the division. The EVENTS link contains the events that master boxers can compete in. Hover over the MEDIA link and a drop down menu to PHOTOS, VIDEOS and ARTICLES from the magazine, click on the one you would like to view. Click on the GYMS link to find Master friendly boxing gyms through out the Country. More are being added daily. Last but not least is the CONTACT link. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to help.

Thanks to the masters website I'm able to work towards a life long goal - Rick Gremillion    